RS26 TERRIFIC VERDICT - Demos 1988-1989 LP

Once again Ripping Storm digs in the old and deep Finnish underground. TERRIFIC VERDICT formed in Helsinki in 1986. Before splitting up in 1990 they manage to release two outstanding demos in 1988 and 1989. This is fast, violent and relentless thrash metal influenced by early KREATOR, sounding not far from what MERCILESS were doing at the same time in Sweden.
Mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio.
500 copies on stubborn black vinyl, 4 pages insert, outer plastic bag.


RS09 LETHAL PRESENCE - Unholy alliance CD

Second press on CD.
Lethal Presence stormed on the Toronto thrash metal scene from 1984 to 1988. Most notably they took part to the seminal proto-death metal manifesto "Raging Death" LP alongside SADUS, XECUTIONER (Obituary), R.A.V.A.G.E. (Atheist) and BETRAYEL. This compilation features their seminal "Unholy Alliance" Demo from 1986, mastered from the original tape, and four other never before heard tracks from 1985/1986, one of which featuring Rick Nemes from INFERNAL MAJESTY/RAPID TEARS on drums. After Lethal Presence demise in 1988 Bobby Sadzak went on with SLAUGHTER/STRAPPADO with whom they re-recorded a couple of old Lethal Presence tunes, on this album in their primal version.
500 CD's with poster booklet including a bonus track not on the vinyl version.

RS28 GORY BLISTER - Spoils 1991-1993 LP/CD

Gory Blister originally hailed from Taranto, South of Italy. In the old days of the underground they chose to walk the less common path of technical, yet very fast and aggressive, death metal. Influenced by the likes of early ATHEIST, SADUS, DEATH, they unleashed a demo in 1991, "Spoilt by greed", and a second one in 1993, "Hanging down the sounds", here reissued for the very first time.
500 Cd's and 500 Lp's on stubborn black vinyl